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Abrasive PET
Drawing PET
Harden PET
Abrasive PET
Abrasive PET is a series of high quality matte texture polyester film sheet.
Drawing PET
Drawing PET is the imitation of metal wire drawing texture film quality sheet.
Harden PET
Harden PET is the quality, high transparent single hardening.
The Customer Is Supreme
All take the customer as the center
Quality First
Based on the quality of product
Technological Innovation
The constant pursuit of excellence and innovation
Global marketing
Marketing network all over the world
Film Switch
Film Switch、The Product label and Nameplate
Scratch resistant, abrasion, chemicals and solvents corrosion resistance, durability and good feeling.
The instrument panel and a cover layer
The instrument panel and a cover layer
The formation of long-term stainless steel surface effect, also has high wear resistance, solvent resistance and chemical properties.
Panel Key
Panel buttons, touch screen /ITO sputtering
Key life is more than 5000000 times, high permeability to the printing color, surface texture consistency.
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