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  • HR Management Vision
    HR Management Vision
    Hong Mei Film For all types of professionals interested in the plastics industry, packaging industry, printing development, provide development stage and work opportunity to realize the value of life.
  • Management Concept Of HR
    The sustainable development strategy of human resources strategy and the company closely linked; human resource management activities must be practical, effective, close to the company management and business, effectively support the company's operation and development of human is the core competitiveness of enterprises. Enhance the management is to enhance the quality of people; is committed to building a people-oriented internal personnel training and development mechanism.
    Management Concept Of HR
  • The Basic Strategy Of HR Management
    The Basic Strategy Of HR Management
    The construction of "mechanism" endogenous growth talents; full implementation, multi-level, multi form of training system, through training and guiding people, change people, shaping people; vigorously promote "the ABC assessment, the coexistence of the three workers, the employment system of dynamic management, the perfect elimination"; "the cadre selection system of public selection, take turns to try hillock, posts"; "the implementation mechanism and the dynamic management of cadres appointment, bottom out" cadre system, the realization of "post up, personnel can pay, can go up and down".
  • Hong Mei Film Talent View
    We must establish its own talent view, i.e., we use the principle, and to vigorously promote, resolutely implement. Have both ability and political integrity, is the first standard of human. The new principles of the people: the reuse of have both ability and political integrity, culture not only virtuous, limit without de Youcai, not without virtue; the new value is one of "only", more value the person of "de"; the so-called "de", refers to a person's morality, virtue, virtue, virtue quality, quality, quality, character, etc.. "De" is the core of integrity; the so-called "talent", refers to a person's talent, talent, talent, ability and so on, is the core of "to" create value for the enterprise, and job matching knowledge, skills and experience.
    Hong Mei Film Talent View