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China dragon company 150000 tons of recycled PET project wil
Time:2015-01-24    Editor:Hong Mei Newsroom    Browse: Times

Reportedly, Guangxi state in Wuzhou Province Dragon Plastic Chemical Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Chinese dragon company) annual processing 150000 tons of PET recycled plastics processing project will be put into operation in September this year.

According to deputy general manager of China dragon company Zhu Qin introduced, the main function of this project is to "digest" the waste PET plastic bottles, through sorting, rinsing, remove the tie breaking off label,,, extrusion, melting, producer, shaping processes, re production of recycled plastics can be used in automobile, food, clothing, package, electronic and electrical appliances, medical and health industries.

The project is the first PET recycled plastics processing production line will be installed after the trial production in June this year, formally put into operation in September. The first PET recycled plastics processing production line put into production after the annual processing capacity of 60000 tons, can waste PET plastic bottles, the production of recycled PET bottles of tablets of 48000 tons, the use of recycled PET bottle chip production PET food grade sheet, 48000 tonnes of food grade recycled granules and other products.

The project officially put into operation, the company will become the country's long China first can produce should be used for health food, medical plastics companies use waste PET plastic bottle.

About the country dragon company

China dragon group was founded in 1999, the group formed by the country's resources regeneration Dragon Investment Group and China dragon, is a set of large enterprise groups, people's livelihood housing large shopping malls, hotel management, catering and entertainment, cultural tourism, renewable resources, chemical plastics, rubber technology and transportation and other industries as a whole.

In the long real estate, from the beginning of 2000 operating real estate, complete large projects of China dragon building, China dragon garden, Sheng Shilongting, sunshine Peninsula, China Dragon wealth center led the Wuzhou real estate development direction has.

In the The Grand Dragon Hotel, Wuzhou is the first and currently only the largest scale, the highest reached the international hardware facilities, grade standard of platinum five-star five-star hotel. Is the Chinese dragon group well built Hotel Admiral Hotel, has been planned in Nanning, Liuzhou, Guilin City chain development, gradually to the domestic, international first-tier cities layout.

Chinese dragon is the focus of development of renewable resources, industry group, with plastic recycling, waste rubber regeneration, scrap iron and steel processing and distribution center, the regeneration of metal processing dismantling project as the core. Renewable resources is the economic growth point in the future, I believe will have unlimited space for development.

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