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Is expected that within five years the rapid development of
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According to the Research and Markets released a research report, during the period of 2014-2019, the global PBT and PET resin market will grow at a 7.3% annual rate of strong growth, to 2019 the market value is expected to reach about $47400000000.

In the past few years, the global PET resin market has been growing dramatically, it is expected that this trend in the next few years will continue to maintain in all application areas. By contrast, global PBT resin market growth is relatively slow. Replace the traditional packaging applications and reduce atmospheric emissions requirements are the main reasons for the PET market demand. Factors of thermal stability, high heat resistance, excellent electrical performance is to promote the main reason PBT resin demand. In addition, the regeneration of PET and innovative packaging demand will rise is the main influence factors of the market of PET resin.

In 2013, the Asia Pacific market regional consumption in PET and PBT resin largest. In the field of PET bottles and PBT electronic products, and China is the biggest country of consumption. The rise of the middle class, the rapid development of the economy, OEM production increased and the rapid city is the promoting factors of PET Asia Pacific market development. About 72%PET resin demand comes from the plastic bottle applications, including mineral water, carbonated drinks, tea that drink bottle, functional beverages, dairy products, energy drinks and other beverages used is expected in the future, the lightweight PET bottle trend will continue, because this is a cost saving way.

On 2013 PBT resin demand, about 43% or so from the electrical and electronic fields, especially the switches, connectors, circuit breakers, motor chassis and automotive electronic components. Fuel efficiency, safety, comfort and other factors driving a car for electronic parts demand.

On the strategic action, 2010-2014 Asia Pacific area is the most active market, will continue to maintain this trend in the future five years. Car terminal user industries to promote the rapid growth of PBT market. The 2013 car production of 81000000 vehicles.

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