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The new grinding solar laminate special matte PET production
Time:2015-01-24    Editor:Hong Mei Newsroom    Browse: Times

In the new era of advocating green environmental protection, new energy applications, solar battery backboard gradually pushed to the market, widely used in engineering, Huimin street family, military, government and so on. However, solar battery backboard launch scrub solution of solar panels in the light produced when reflecting the malpractice, Shenzhen Hongmei film company in solar battery backboard manufacturer in Shenzhen city Mio Solar Power Inc co developed the PET film solar battery backboard special application field. This PET film with weatherability, sand surface with anti scratch effect, smooth surface after special treatment can achieve perfect effect and does not fall off the EVA glue after high temperature of 140 degrees 15 minutes pressing.

The superiority of matte PET used in solar laminate

  1. PET film is through special processing single plus hard matte texture, is one section has abrasion and scratch effect.
  2. With high light transmittance, light transmittance of 90% or so.
  3. PET film surface with frosted particles do not rule, can effectively prevent ultraviolet; make the refraction and reflection of light in order to improve the angle unified light transmittance.

Shenzhen Hongmei Film Co. Ltd solar battery backboard special PET film specifications are as follows:

  • Model: F200-T (Y)
  • Thickness: 200 m
  • Width: 1000mm
  • Length: 200 meters roll, carton packaging
  • Sand surface hardness: 2H (pencil hardness)
  • Surface tension test: more than 60N/cm

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