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Alternative autotype Autotex@Brushed long PET drawing succes
Time:2015-01-24    Editor:Hong Mei Newsroom    Browse: Times

In the modern home appliances, mobile phone housing decoration decoration, computer peripheral products decoration field of the era of rapid development, in recent years, ordinary transparent PET printing pattern of IMD injection molding has been unable to meet the designer needs, following the famous British brand autotype the successful launch of Autotex@Brushed series long drawing texture PET for designers to design a more decorative part with a sense of texture. But since the Autotex@Brushed series long drawing texture PET relative in the domestic prices high, to the large number of manufacturers to bring the cost of increasing the pressure, therefore Shenzhen Hongmei Film Co. Ltd. set numerous engineer effort successful R & D production can replace the Autotex@Brushed series long drawing texture PET.

This pull wire PET sheet screen printing or electroplating formed after long lines with effect of the surface of stainless steel, high abrasion resistance, solvent resistance and chemical properties. Film flexibility is good, can play the convex processing, key life reached 5000000 above; can be used in IMD/IML high tensile injection industry.

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