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Mechanical drawing PET successfully developed and put into p
Time:2015-01-24    Editor:Hong Mei Newsroom    Browse: Times

In recent years, drawing style of decoration has become a popular wind household electrical appliance industry, but due to the original UV coating PET drawing in IMD/IML do after forming the service life of only 8-10 years.

In order to extend the service life of household electrical appliance industry, Shenzhen Hongmei films limited success for the Samsung manufacturers developed can be used for PET materials for mechanical drawing IMD/IML injection molding. This mechanical drawing PET membrane is a surface of the PET film by physical means to make its surface shape growth drawing texture, this product has high tensile properties can meet in the large angle of injection molded parts bending requirements. Usually in the drawing surface printing ink and injection molding, this process can make the final product with stereo drawing artistic effect.

Due to mechanical drawing PET film is not a surface coating formed drawing texture, defects in the key hit convex process does not appear the surrounding white button.

PET drawing application: mainly used in household electric appliance panel / nameplate injection molding (success stories: Samsung washing machine, refrigerator handle panel) injection molding decoration.

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