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We are Kinelectro Lines based in Bangalore India in the business of printing labels decals etc.

For over 15 years now we have used Autotype polyester films EBA 130 180 F 200 F 150 etc for printing of decals graphic overlays etc.
At present we find the prices of Autotype very high and looking at an alternative source.

Could you please read through and let us know the following

1) Please confirm if your quality matches Autotype and prices are competitive

2) Are you already supplying your films to anyone here in India if so do you sell direct or you have a dealer.

3) If you are selling through a dealer please introduce us to them

4) If you are selling direct kindly send us a price list and MoQ. Kindly note that before placing an order we would like to run trials on samples

Chaithanya Aanand

Kinelectro Lines India Private Limited
# 139 KIADB Industrial Area 4th Phase
Bommasandra Hosur – Jigani link Road
Bangalore – 560099 India

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Director-owner of the company
Dear Ms.  / Mss/Mr.
To test and use your products:
Please for the offer (products: PET Fim:   V (D); F (D); V; F; A ....roll and shits:
Poz.1      V (D) series of hard fine grinding of PET thin films   ….1 pcs roll 100m/core 7 ….10 inch
Poz.2      F (D) series of hard fine grinding of PET thin films  ….1 pcs roll 100m/core 7 ….10 inch
Poz.3      V series hard coarse grinding of PET thin films   ….1 pcs roll 100m/core 7 ….10 inch
Poz.4      A series of grinding of PET thin films ….1 pcs roll 100m/core 7 ….10 inch)
  Poz.5     A series of grinding of PET thin films  ….sheet:  100 pcs  format: cca 700mmx700mm
Specify the individual price + shipping costs

Poz.6    Please let me know the option:
To produce and supply your product in its implementation
F (D) series of hard fine grinding of PET thin films +  coatings  one side (glossi)/coatings for Ink Jet ink (pigment… EPSON printers)
State the minimum number (m) and price

Thank you !
Best Regards

Rudolf Curic

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